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Check out our collection of services tailored to help your brand break through the competitive noise. We craft authentic and authoritative strategies suitable for many businesses. If you need PR support reach out to our experts today.

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Our Mission

At Freeform PR, our mission is to build brands through strategic and creative campaigns. We are dedicated to bringing authenticity, awareness, and creativity to the forefront of every project, ensuring your brand stands out in the competitive landscape.

Craft Your Story with Our Innovative Strategies

Our professional services are designed to help you in crafting your business's story. We provide our clients with innovative strategies tailored to their target audience, allowing them to stand out from the competition and achieve success. From market research and strategic positioning to website design and advertising campaigns, we will work closely with you so that together we can create a powerful brand identity for your business.


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Client Spotlight: Media Recognition

Our Clients' Latest Features in Magazines, Podcasts, TV, and More!

EV Summit and Expo Keynote Speaker Promo

Southwest Industrial Electric

Electrical Contractor 

In recent years, Southwest Industrial Electric's focus on community engagement, industry event participation, and media presence, along with their emphasis on electrical safety and efficiency, has solidified their industry leadership. This past March their notable success at the EV Charging Summit, was highlighted by two key presentations—'Shop Talk: Establishing Business for Electrical Contractors and Electricians' and 'Dig It: Site Installations and Considerations'—attracted around 500 attendees, enhancing their brand reach and authority. This strong participation, coupled with a prominent booth presence, proved pivotal in attracting new customers and reinforcing their market position.

Construction Today Featuring Southwest Industrial Electric

In the Press

Looking to get some press or build relationships with media? Here a some quick views of press we were blessed to be apart of.  

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